When you are selling a home it may be for very different reasons and the reality is that it is rarely straightforward however hard we try. Whatever the driving factor – it can be an emotional process.

Every home sits within a price bracket depending on location, size and the current market. The general condition and how easy it is for a buyer to appreciate the value and attributes will determine where in the price bracket it will be. The more buyers a home appeals to, the better the selling price and the faster an offer can come about.

We can help increase the appeal of your property before it comes to market or even once it has launched if it has become ‘stuck’.

Making sure a home looks its best externally and that each room inside is organised, attractive and clearly shows its attributes and purpose will give it the best possible chance to stand out among others. Achieving this within a minimal budget is what we aim to do.

98% of people will search for their next home on the internet which makes the online photographs of your home very important. Once a viewing has been secured you want people to be delighted not disappointed and to have removed as many barriers as possible to them wanting a second viewing or to make an offer.

By properly preparing your home for sale you can be confident about marketing higher up the price bracket, avoiding price reductions and the amount of time your home spends on the market.

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Every project and client are unique which is why we offer flexible options.

We can visit and within 48 hours provide you with a very comprehensive report detailing suggested changes to make.

From here you can undertake the work yourself, or if you need a practical helping hand and help sourcing new items we can come back.
We’ll even discount the report cost by 25% if you ask us back to help.


Prices from £199

£180 Half Day 3.5 hours
£350 Full Day 7 hrs