Myths, Mistakes & Misconceptions of Home Staging

If you have seen home staging featured on television shows you’re possibly thinking that all those projects are expensive and simply intended for high-end houses. Absolutely not the case! home staging is the process for preparing ANY home for sale to maximise the sale value of the property

These are the most common myths set straight:

Myth: Staging just requires everything to be painted cream

Not true! a plain neutral palette will help freshen a room, and staging will make it warm and inviting. Splashes of interesting colour will add contrast, depth and detail to bring a room alive.

Myth: You don’t need to stage an empty house

Wrong, in many ways it’s even more important to stage an empty house. Not only will an empty house feel cold and unwelcoming, but many buyers can’t visualise how they would use the space to arrange their furniture. Ironically, an empty room can look smaller because there is no furniture to add a line of reference for the eye to assess the actual size.

Kaboodl work to kit out your empty home ready for the market.

Myth: Home Staging must be expensive
Absolutely not true.

Kaboodl are skilled in maximising any client’s budget for the best return. As a guide, look to spend 1% of the value of your home on staging, this figure is less if your home is already in good condition but this amount can easily be recovered from the asking price. In fact, you can often expect to return 2 – 3 times the amount invested.
Think of it this way, the cost of staging is less than the cost of the first price reduction, and many homes will go through more than just one price reduction.

Myth: Home Staging is just about de-cluttering

The declutter is the easy part, we all know to remove excessive items before putting a house on the market. Home staging will also look at the whole plan of your house and create a style that flows throughout. The focus is on repairs, space, light, design and flow around the home. Staging looks at how to accentuate the best features in the house and maximise its appeal. It’s the whole process of decluttering with neutralizing, organizing, and beautifying.

Myth: There is no point in home staging, buyers will see potential

Can you afford to rely on this idea? The majority of buyers cannot see though empty or cluttered homes and will find it difficult to see the true potential in your home.

Buyers will be mentally reducing your asking price each time they spot a defect and the discount can be significantly more that the cost of a simple fix.

Myth: Staging is only for large expensive houses

There is a huge benefit in staging smaller homes, in fact its arguably more critical because you need to show potential buyers just how much space is available. Clever staging can show buyers there is enough living and storage space available for their needs.

All homes no matter what size or price will benefit from staging. A small percentage of the asking price invested in home staging can pay for itself easily by enabling you to realise the true potential value of your home.

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